I Have a Goal

I will consider Disgaea complete when all the following conditions are met:
  • I can create every kind of character (time: fairly quick; need to beat chapters 7 and 8)
  • I have at least one of all the ultimate equipment (time: ~6 hours plus I think I need a legendary Durandal)
  • Laharl can reliably solo Prinny Baal without stealing his stuff (time: long; I'll have to transmigrate several more times and climb into the 3000s at least for this – at the moment Prinny Baal requires three sacrifices, and I steal his things)
I don't think I need to get all the endings, and I'm almost certainly not going to do an ultimate transmigration on Laharl as it requires levelling to 9999 twice among other things.
sour, dinner

I ♥ Global Warming

I haven't had the air conditioner on in two days! Both this morning and yesterday morning I put sweatpants on because I was cold! Right now I'm making soup instead of salad!

We've had the mildest winter I can remember this year, and now we're having the coolest late July I can remember. Global warming kicks ass!

It's going to be kind of a bummer with all the floods and famines and displacement and starvation and food riots and mass extinctions and global sea level rise, but the weather sure is nice (here). And isn't that what's really important?


I Am Wearing Sweatpants at Work

So I have this important family reunion this weekend. It's out of town, so today is basically the last day I have time to run errands in this town until Monday.

So I went to get my hair cut. When I got there, there was a 20-minute wait, so I signed my name on the log sheet and decided to go return a call from my grandfather, whom I had not spoken with in some time. So I went back out the car and got my phone, then I sat down in the car and gave him a call.

After a very short amount of time, I realised it was much too hot in the car. Outside it was humid but not hot, threatening rain. So I got out of the car, leaving my keys inside of it.

It was the first time I ever locked myself out of a car outside of my own house, and the double-first time I had ever locked myself out of a car while talking on the telephone. I wandered over to a place that had a phone book, and when I was done with my call, I called the police. Unfortunately, as always, the State College police aren't good for shit. Unless you count issuing traffic citations as being good for shit, which no reasonable person would. The police informed me I could either call a locksmith ($20) or a tow truck ($70).

"Fuck that shit," I decided. Then I got my hair cut. I did have an appointment to keep, after all.

After that I started to walk home to get my spare key. It began to rain almost immediately. At first I thought that this was going to be a sort of sitcomesque comedy of errors, where it would rain the whole time and then I wouldn't be able to get into my house, and then I wouldn't be able to find my key, and then the car wouldn't start, and then when I got to work the building would be on fire and the United States would have declared war on Iran.

Luckily, none of those things came to pass. My plan worked out rather well. It stopped raining after a short period of time, and I broke into my house with a penny I found in a parking lot. My spare key was where I remembered putting it. I did start to rain pretty hard on the way back, so that by the time I got to my car my shirt and pants were in no condition to wear to work, but I just went home and got changed before I went in. There was a moment when I thought I had lost my spare key, but it had just fallen in amongst my reusable shopping bags.


There's No Such Thing as Mysterious

Today after I modded that image (and was thinking about the latest Achewood story arc and this recent post by hilzoy at Obsidian Wings), I realised I had not seen any lolcats in awhile.

Then I checked and realised I was no longer subscribed to ICHC. Then I remembered that a week or so ago, this happened. I checked out the linked blog, and it had been suspended for TOS violations. I checked out ICHC, and the last post I had seen was on that date.

So I tracked that down and found out that at least two other people had my same problem. Probably everyone on Google Reader and everyone on Bloglines had the same problem. Someone named J. Kottke who is not Jason Kottke seems to think it was a wordpress issue. Would that have accounted for the change of feed title and headers on that day?

I feel bad for Courtney Redmond. She probably didn't do shit. I don't know if I'd want to blog with wordpress's free service right now.


Timeline of a Network Outage

13:34 Huh what do you know I can't connect to my server maybe it's down
13:34 Oh my god the whole entire internet is down
13:34 Panic!
13:35 Attempt to ping and traceroute servers at various distances from computer
13:36 Stop music, unplug headphones, listen to conversation in network guy's cubicle behind me
13:36 Despair!
13:38 Get up, pace, crack neck, knees, knuckles
13:39 Leave cubicle. Everyone is in the hallway, milling around in confusion
13:40 Consider going home
13:42 Network guy and other network guy go into machine room
13:42 Watch them through the glass
13:47 Get tired of watching, go sit down at computer
13:47 Consider napping
13:48 Attempt to ping and traceroute servers at various distances from computer
13:49 Firefox crashes, probably from trying to reload a page
13:50 Man, fuck you Firefox. Why you got to crash all the time?
13:50 Sulk
13:51 Consider calling Lyn, remember she's probably on her way to work at the moment
13:53 Update twitter blog via cellphone
13:54 Decide to call family and chat
13:55 The network is back! All is well